What to monitor

Jim Walls

Paul Smith said (in part):

Got a brainstorm why doesn't everybody put the things here that are not PD and what they
listen to besides PD so we can start some interesting conversations about other things
other great things to listen to.
I'm 63 years old and have been listening to radios and scanners for about 50 years. As far as public safety monitoring, I have generally been more interested in fire rather than law enforcement. I am a pilot (not current) so I listen to air traffic at times, and railroads when I am a passenger.

Professionally I ran the Motorola trunked system for a large electric utility for a bunch of years, and for the past 18, I have run a regional Motorola P25 trunked system that is mostly public safety and some local government in Los Angeles County (no, not LA-RICS).

I bought my SDS-100 primarily to be able to monitor the Southern California Edison 900 MHz trunked system (the system I ran before changing jobs). The SCE system went P-25 phase 2 close to 10 years ago and I could not monitor it any more. I still like listening to it from time to time - especially if my power goes out!

BTW, on our work system, yep more and more law enforcement traffic is going encrypted. We are essentially being mandated to encrypt anything that has personally identifying information. It will take years to fully implement, but it's happening...

Jim Walls - K6CCC