Monitoring other than police

harvey morse



I use my scanner to monitor the Burger King and Wendy’s wireless headsets to hear what people are ordering as I approach the window, so I know what may be backed up! You mean my HP2 does other things as well?





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There is always online 'scanning' with a bluetooth headset from the computer used...

Rick NK7I


On 6/3/2022 9:29 AM, Bob Stern via wrote:

I was devastated when I couldn’t listen to my local barracks anymore since They were my “local” PD.  I don’t  have digital scanners and since I recently moved to the Chesapeake Bay area of MD I am too far to listen in anyway.
Not much for to listen to here in Queen Annes County that I have found. I can hear occasional Sheriff or fire activity and scratchy marine broadcasts. I will be grateful for suggestions.
I removed the batteries from my scanners for fear of them leaking. I generally use rechargeable batteries. Not sure if they will leak but I want to be safe.
I have
BC 125
BC330 T
No out door antennas and no longer have the ability to install same. I prefer the flexibility of scanning wherever I happen to be sitting. Others here don’t like the “noise.” 🙂
It gets worse since I only have Apple computers now and can’t use the software and connections for programming.
I can’t spend much on a modern scanner but am interested in what would work for me if I cough up the bucks and there is the possibility of interesting listening.
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