locked I althe command channels and air ground and tanker frequencies

Mike Height

Somebody was kind enough to already post a link on radio references to the frequencies they should also have the command channels and the air ground in that link just for information the command channels are only used when The incident Commander figures he has a really big fire  a 10 acre fire is no big deal and 90% of fires in California are 10 acres or less it's just the ones that get out of control so the air ground frequencies should also be included in that link so everything should be there so whoever posted that up for me thank you and I don't know how to post links yet in this email so whoever it was thank you so the information should already be up there. Each district has one of the air ground frequencies and the top three on the airplane are generally used by or I should say each district has one of the air ground frequencies and one and one tank of frequency for each district so again thank you for whoever posted that link so I don't have to type them all

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Yes Mike, I would be interested in those freq's. I appreciate your effort . Stay safe.

Wayne Powell

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Anybody is interested I have all the frequencies for the Cal fire aircraft fleet which is the largest in the world if you'd like me to post the frequencies I will do so anyway I'm sorry I just forgot in my last message
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Everybody particularly people in California Cal fire is deploying the most modern helicopter or the most modern fire helicopter in the world it's called the Firehawk California has about 12 and now has ordered four more it's a fantastic helicopter it operates at high altitude it drops a thousand gallons of water I could go on all day on the mini things it does but it does have five radios inside and I was just curious if anybody knows where they're being deployed if you don't that's okay just some information and I know the numbers are 900 like 908-906 and etc and 913 is stationed here at Alma anyway just curious if anybody knows where they're being deployed and if not that's okay I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later anyway it's called Firehawk which basically is a Blackhawk modified for fire operations