"BOLO" reports for Sanra have started


About 10min ago, 0655Z 25Dec20, he was reported over Mexico by the USAF who track him every xmas

Another terrific NDB day in Nebraska!


More Live & Recorded Radio Fun and a Whole Lot More!

Gothenburg, NE
N40.9 W100.1 2600ft DN90ww
BC1206CM Bearcat DX1000 FRG-100B
FunCube Dongle Pro+ ICF2010 Perseusx3
WR-G303e WR-G31DDCx7 SDRplay RSP2pro
R70 R71A w/250Hz R75x2 w/250Hz R7000
G5-SSB PL-360 PRN1000x2 SDR-IQ SPR-4
SSR-1 w/NDB mod SR-AF & LPF DSP599zx
MFJ-784B HD-1418 AF-1 MSB-1
PA0RDT-MWx4 1@18ft 1@24ft DXE-ARAV3-1Px4
RYOAA McKay Dymek DA-100 AAx3
Z1501F Russian MW
111 Vintage ADF/RDF
2529 Lifetime logs +66k logs submitted

On 24-Dec-20 19:14, Thomas Luce via groups.io wrote:
5:00 pm in Los Angeles.  "BOLO" reports for Santa have started with the LAPD.

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