Arizona mostly in clear

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in Arizona most transmissions are in the clear 
Cochise county whee I live converted to a 700 mhz system last year but you still traffic  on the 150 mhz f(154 and 155) frequencies
Highway patrol is still on 460 but also heard on a shared 800 mhz system.  


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Lucky you.

I live in FL and encryption absolutely ruined my hobby.


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You could say P25 "ruined it", or digital "ruined it", or

narrowbanding "ruined it". Any required newer scanners.


Yes, encryption will ruin it for everyone since upgrades are not legal.


P25 Phase II did not ruin it for me. I purchased a P25 Phase II capable

scanner and continue to monitor those areas.


Joe M.


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But, for us little guys, it meant replacing our analog

trunking scanners with digital trunking scanners- not cheap either.

Phase II ruined  it for some of us. Encryption will ruin it for all of us.