Re: SDS 100 Charging light.

don robinson

Don't come in here name calling. It is very undignified. In California, having a scanner in your car and listening to it is NOT illegal. There are other states that prohibit it. A couple of laws in California concerning scanners are, their use *to avoid prosecution* is illegal and repeating certain communication is prohibited.  Also using a scanner to evesdrop  on cordless or cellphones is illegal and using frequency dividers on a scanner is illegal. If you aren't satisfied with that, use a public library to look up and read your local laws. Libraries have digital catalogs, just in case you haven't been near one during this century.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 10:06:26 PM PDT, clive frazier via <clive99w@...> wrote:


Could you please explain further what the fruitcakes in California did? Does that make ANY scanner illegal in California? Only those scanners that can be charged while in a car? Mobile/base vs. hand held? 

Some states have laws that prohibit scanners in a car unless you have a valid amateur radio license. Do you have a list of those states? 

General comment on scanning. Had a week of the usual protests (riots) here in Orlando. Everything scrambled. Could not listen to anything. Unless Uniden comes up with a scanner that can decode scrambled voice, the only thing to listen to will be taxi cabs, but they are all going to Uber so that means cell phones. I think we have a dying hobby. 

Clive, K9FWF

On Monday, June 8, 2020, 03:20:00 AM EDT, Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:

Since you are 'down under' you need to review California's laws that
made non-USB charging effectively illegal. Uniden even had to redesign
the BC346XT to make it confirm and the revised model was the BC346XTC (C
for California). In that case the redesign was to remove the charging
capability (it was not possible to change the coaxial jack to USB).

Uniden didn't drop the ball - the ball was stolen by California.

Joe M.

On 6/8/2020 3:05 AM, Doug J wrote:
> Sounds like Uniden has dropped the ball with their build quality, they
> need to lift their game.
> They should go back to a separate DC plug for charging, even if it is
> 5V, which is much more robust. Have a USB to DC plug lead.
> Then the USB socket on the scanner can be just for data and programming.
> Regards,
> Doug VK2XLJ

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