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Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA)  Looks rather out of date. I'm also sure that using a radio to receive police communications while committing a crime isn't going to be good for you anywhere.

Many, many years ago when I worked in television (engineering but helped with news) in Indiana, one morning on the way into work I heard of an accident ahead on my normal route. I started going a different route to bypass the accident. Then I heard a call for jumper cables because they had a car stalled at the accident scene making another problem. The only officer who had jumper cables was on the other end of the county. So I showed up. I got out of my car and said I had jumper cables. The officer said great, but how did you know we needed jumper cables? I said I heard it on my scanner. He looked at my Ohio license plate (I lived in Ohio) and he said you know it is illegal to have a scanner in your car in Indiana? I said yes, I know that. I told him which station I worked for and said I would be glad to show you my media pass and scanner permit or we can just jump the car and get it out of the way. He said lets just jump the car and get it out of the way. Good choice, so that was what we did. I always figured that he probably thought since I knew what I needed to have and was willing to show them that is wasn't worth the time to look.


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> Can't vouch for accuracy, but here's a compilation of state laws.
> And here is Kentucky's statute:
> Here is the only verbiage I can find that references hams:
> Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the possession
> of a radio by:
> (a) An individual who is a retailer or wholesaler and in the
> ordinary course of his business offers such radios for sale
> or resale;
> (b) A commercial or educational radio or television station,
> licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, at its
> place of business; or
> (c) An individual who possesses such a radio, provided it is
> capable of receiving radio transmissions only and is not
> capable of sending or transmitting radio messages, at his
> place of residence; licensed commercial auto towing trucks;
> newspaper reporters and photographers; emergency management
> agency personnel authorized in writing by the director of
> the division of emergency management (for state personnel)
> or chief executive of the city or county (for their
> respective personnel); a person holding a valid license
> issued by the Federal Communications Commission in the
> amateur radio service; peace officers authorized in writing
> by the head of their law enforcement agency, Commonwealth's
> attorneys and their assistants, county attorneys and their
> assistants, except that it shall be unlawful to use such
> radio to facilitate any criminal activity or to avoid
> apprehension by law enforcement officers. Violation of this
> section shall, in addition to any other penalty prescribed
> by law, result in a forfeiture to the local law enforcement
> agency of such radio.
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> I live in Kentucky I'm ham  Operator weather have scanner in my vehicle 



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