Re: 436 vs 100 issue


Doing that without batteries can cause it to scramble the memory card I would not recommend doing that I would recommend putting batteries in the in the scanner

On Monday, June 8, 2020 Tim Ferguson <> wrote:

I have a BCD436HP I use in our minivan with external antenna that is connected to a USB port with the batteries removed.  It comes on automatically when I start the vehicle, pauses at the set the time screen (never got that fixed) and at the screen about which do I want to use it for, and then starts scanning after about 10 seconds.  Perfect for me as there is no turning it on or off, just adjusting the volume occasionally.  I would like to get my SDS100 to do the same, but can’t quite seem to get it there.  Is this a “fluke” that just works and can’t be replicated, or the 100 built differently (rechargeable battery) that it won’t work this way?


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