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harvey morse

Thank you!





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When in doubt, check google, I’m sure there are YOUTUBE videos on this subject.  I learned more from the internet for programming my 436 than I ever did from reading the owners manual..




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Thank you Joe! Very much appreciated!




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Just hit the FL Quick Keys they set up and hit ENTER.


For example, if they set them up as FLQK 1/2 for FL, and 3/4 for NC, hit

3 ENTER 4 ENTER to enable or disable NC. Exactly what they are depends

on how they programmed it.


Or you can use the menu to SET SCAN SELECTION and enable/disable them

that way.


Joe M.


On 6/6/2020 8:59 AM, harvey morse wrote:

Hello All,


I just purchased an SDS-100. The selling dealer set up four “banks” for

me, two for FL and two for NC. Can anyone please tell me how to turn off

the two FL banks when I am in NC and vice-versa as I go back and forth?

I have looked at the instruction manual and it is way over my

comprehgension level.


You’re assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much!
















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