Re: Bios?

Michael Martin

31 years Retired AT&T (Started as Overseas Telephone Operator, then High Seas Radio Operator WOM, Building Maintenance, Communications Technician, Manager and lastly a Process Engineer – Wrote Methods and Procedures on installation of Private Line Fiber Optics).  At the same time, I also worked as a EMT/Paramedic and Dispatcher for 38 years (Retired).  Odd ball jobs – Traffic Reporter, Lead Computer Tech & Lead Copy & Print at Staples, Driver for O’Reillys, Sales Associate at CarMax and 3rd degree Black Belt Senior Chief Instructor and Regional Examiner in Choi Kwang Do.  I also did radio programming for Metro Traffic, WSB Radio & TV, WAGA TV, WXIA TV & WGCL TV.  I have been totally, and happily retired since July 2018!


I operate several websites –,,,, and now the 


I like to stay busy as you can tell!  😊




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