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Joe M.

I don't believe so.

Joe M.

On 5/16/2020 1:16 PM, Kev Myles via wrote:
I haven’t used any software program as of yet with the scanner. I programmed the frequencies in from the videos I watched on YouTube. Can it be done on the unit itself?
On May 16, 2020, at 1:50 PM, Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:

What software are you using? The instructions
would vary depending which one is used.

In FreeScan, for example, it would be under SCANNER, then SETUP SCANNER OPTIONS, then in the GENERAL tab is it called STARTUP MESSAGE. When you change that, write the data back to the scanner and you should be set.

Other SW will be different.

Joe M.

On 5/16/2020 12:14 PM, Kev Myles via wrote:
I recently bought a BCD996P2 Scanner and the person I bought it from has
his Ham radio call sign left on the welcome screen. I’ve been looking
through the Manual and the Easier to read Manual, but unable to find the
instructions on how to change it. Can anyone let me know how to change
what is on the Welcome Screen?

Thanks, Kev

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