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Ken Kulczyski

More than likely they have one radio at the station that has the encryption keys. 

On Thu, May 14, 2020, 22:12 (Maggie/Tom O’Connor) <Maggie-o@...> wrote:
I have a technical question.. A big city I used to listen to went encrypted
(after a cop got shot in the face answering a domestic call) - and much as
it bums me out - I get it.  So the news/media was shut out as well and they
screamed for a week or so - and then got "let in" - but my question is - how
did they get let in? Is it a special frequency?  A special receiver they
have to have?  Do you think it's just one receiver at the TV Station, rather
than all the news cars have it on scanners in their cars?  Just curious how
they are getting it..  Much as I'd like to - I know I can't!

Thanks - Maggie

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I will never criticize someone for putting out a fire
before the FD arrives. That is, after all, the goal.

I don't care if it's the local refuse collector who does it.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 8:57 PM, Rick Bates, NK7I wrote:
> Ah that glorious day when the cop realizes the dream of being a
> firefighter!
> <snicker-snort>
> Rick
> On 5/14/2020 5:46 PM, Joe M. wrote:
>> On another call, the PD put out a fire in an apartment using
>> extinguishers.

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