jim myers

With the use of systems like ePCR, there is no such thing as written documentation to "be locked in a vault"

Patient information, including the condition of the patient, is ALWAYS transmitted to the responding crew. In 99% of city agencies, the call taker is NEVER the dispatcher. What kind of fantasy land must one live in to think that a responding paramedic crew is not allowed to know the patient's condition? In said fantasy land ALL medical dispatches would go like this "Medic 1, xxx Main St." That's it, nothing else. Utter insanity to think that's how it works!

No dispatch information is "handed to the medical supervisor for secure filing" - 99% of city agencies have entirely electronic dispatch systems, so there is no such thing as "written documentation." Further, there is no dispatch agency that I've ever seen in 40 years in emergency services that has a "medical supervisor" hanging out in dispatch.

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