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When encryption became more affordable law enforcement officials jumped with joy.  You see, law enforcement has never liked the fact the media, criminals or the average citizen, in that order by the way, were able to monitor their radio traffic.  Law enforcement officials now have total control as to what information is given to the media concerning incidents/crimes in their jurisdiction.  They don't have to worry about the police beat reporter arriving on the scene asking a bunch of questions.  The citizen don't know what they don't know; a perfect world for law enforcement officials in the control of information.

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This makes perfect sense.

"Gee - there was a burglar in my neighborhood last week - I
should get in my time machine and go back and lock my doors"

I won't even address the "nominal fee" for
information related to your own safety.

The more encryption spreads, the more armed citizens there will be.
I've seen it happen in areas near me. It's too bad the number of
untrained will rise, but hey - as long as it's more safe, right?

Sorry, but criminals have no privacy
rights that supersede my safety rights.

In fact, one could argue that protecting their
privacy encourages more criminal activity.
(or was that the intent all along?)

We may as well just replace the news with
game shows due to privacy concerns.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 6:30 PM, Don Curtis wrote:
> There are privacy issues that are addressed via encryption.  I have been
> listening to police calls since the early 60's.  I was a Denver Police
> officer for 26 years, retired in 1997.
> I understand the desire to have dispatch channels in the clear, but I
> agree with the need for encryption even on the main dispatch channel.
>  Authentic news media have always been able to buy radios that are
> programed by the safety radio engineers that can decrypt the main
> dispatch channel.  And pretty much anyone can get (for a nominal fee)
> unencrypted audio from past events.
> On May 14, 2020 4:05:33 PM "jeff" <jeffm1977@...> wrote:
>> I still blame the scanner apps on the phones and live feeds. I'm sure
>> criminals love scanner apps. I'm all for encryption, but the normal
>> day to day operations should not be encrypted. Only tac channels,
>> swat, drug enforcement, and other sensitive stuff should be encrypted.
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>> As much as the encryption is hurting us as law abiding citizens who
>> want to hear what is going on, if it weren’t for criminals, encryption
>> wouldn’t be necessary. They should share blame also.
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