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Jeff Kenyon

I’ve also been listening since I was a little kid, and fortunately for me all of the places where I’ve lived have been in the clear.  I was at a training center for the blind in Michigan and when I was their the trunked system was a plain old Motorola Type II system.  Now that same agency in the area as well as the other law enforcement coms for the area in general are mostly encrypted.  Here in Rochester on our new trunked system the county has a couple of special ops talkgroups that are encrypted.  People are hoping to move all the way over to the system by the end of the year, and hopefully day to day operations for the city and county stay in the clear.  I take the move date with a grain of salt because this system has been up since about 2012 or 13 and it mostly has been a lot of patching to VHF and UHF stuff, but the patching is starting to increase.

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Yep, I do too.  I'm sure the dude who owns RR doesn't want to hear

I heard a 2+ hours chase a couple years ago and every time a car
would say where he was the guy would turn.  Finally, a cop said, "he's
listening to us."

My first scanner was a Bearcat III so I'd sure hate for it all to go encrypted,
I've been listening for decades.

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I still blame the scanner apps on the phones and live feeds. I'm sure criminals love scanner apps. I'm all for encryption, but the normal day to day operations should not be encrypted. Only tac channels, swat, drug enforcement, and other sensitive stuff should be encrypted.

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As much as the encryption is hurting us as law abiding citizens who want to hear what is going on, if it weren’t for criminals, encryption wouldn’t be necessary. They should share blame also.



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