Re: SDS100 Upgrades?


You are correct Joe M.
Ruined it here in Mobile County, Al.
Purchased my 536HP with the updates and 5 weeks later they pulled the switch.
Like previous poster stated, Mobile County and City got Federal Grant Money
Harris Radio System got in someone's pocket ( known fact ) and it cost a _____ of a lot.
They over paid.
Now I hear Harris has gone out of that business of Police radios & they are having problems
With the system and they still have not completed all the installations throughout the county.
It's been several years now.


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Encryption is ruining it here too.

My point was that P25, or P25 Phase II, or digital didn't ruin it.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 3:29 PM, Joe Polcari wrote:
Lucky you.

I live in FL and encryption absolutely ruined my hobby.

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You could say P25 "ruined it", or digital "ruined it", or

narrowbanding "ruined it". Any required newer scanners.

Yes, encryption will ruin it for everyone since upgrades are not legal.

P25 Phase II did not ruin it for me. I purchased a P25 Phase II capable

scanner and continue to monitor those areas.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 2:50 PM, don robinson via wrote:

But, for us little guys, it meant replacing our analog

trunking scanners with digital trunking scanners- not cheap either.

Phase II ruined it for some of us. Encryption will ruin it for all
of us.



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