Re: SDS100 Upgrades?

Joe M.

That is the biggest reason against encryption - the
loss of those eyes and ears that catch criminals.

Who benefits? The criminals.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 6:43 PM, don robinson via wrote:
Any information can be abused. Many years ago, when a terrorist took
several blondes hostage in the Durant Hotel in Berkeley, Ca, the crook
gained intellectual advantage watching the NEWS on TV in Henri's bar in
the hotel. Back then I used a Radio Shack PRO-38 10 channel scanner and
it worked fine. The police on the scene told less than the news
reporters on TV.

These days Berkeley encrypts a couple of their channels. If my town
goes to phase II, I'll need a new scanner, but if they encrypt, like you
said, I'm out of the game. But, I'd love to be able to phone the cops
and say "I see the guy you're looking for hiding under that dump truck
you just passed by".

Stay well.

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, 12:26:35 PM PDT, Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:

You could say P25 "ruined it", or digital "ruined it", or
narrowbanding "ruined it". Any required newer scanners.

Yes, encryption will ruin it for everyone since upgrades are not legal.

P25 Phase II did not ruin it for me. I purchased a P25 Phase II capable
scanner and continue to monitor those areas.

Joe M.

On 5/14/2020 2:50 PM, don robinson via wrote:
> But, for us little guys, it meant replacing our analog
> trunking scanners with digital trunking scanners- not cheap either.
> Phase II ruined it for some of us. Encryption will ruin it for all
of us.



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