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Jim Walls

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Looks like I need to correct myself-last two paragraphs:

1) Motorola sells "mission critical" radios such as the APX series that uses P25 for public safety and when not encrypted, can be monitored by your scanner without upgrades.

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It's not just Motorola.  Public safety agencies that are buying digital radios are STRONGLY encouraged to use the P-25 standard in order to maintain inter-operability with their neighbors.  To help push that, the federal government has deemed that if you are going to get federal grant money to buy radios, it MUST be P-25 capable.
Going into the Way Back machine, when trunking first got started, largely every manufacturer built their own system.  None were compatible with each other.  Many years ago, it was realized that this was a problem.  APCO came together and created the P-25 standard to avoid that problem in the future.  Granted that radio systems do not get major updates or replacements on a fast schedule, so it has taken YEARS, but the vast majority of digital radio systems in use in the USA by public safety agencies today are P-25. Of course there are lots of agencies (especially in more rural areas) that are still analog conventional, and likely will be for a long time.

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