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The  BC-246  Is a Great little Scanner  I was  forced  to buy the Expensive SDS-100  To hear My Local PD/FD ...On  Mot Phase 2   . I can you this  The 246  Is Much Much better on Close Call and VHF/UHF


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+1 for the BC246!!! Great for analog Trunked AND pretty good on UHF and not so bad on Low Band either! Mine ranks right up there with my BCD346!!  Reception is def better, but not as many features, and obviously no digital.  It’s my go-to though!


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I have a BC246 which works great for trunked analog and is no longer made.  If I was going to buy new one today, it would be a BCD325P2.


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I will be looking in the near future to buy a new handheld scanner, what’s the best new one out there? And will my stimulus check cover it.




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