Re: SDS100 Upgrades?


The answer is "Only the ones IN THE USER-CONTRIBUTED DATABASE".  So if there's a system using NXDN or DMR in your area that's not listed at (which is quite likely with NXDN and DMR systems) then no, you will not receive it by entering your zip code.  Location based scanning is a subtractive system.  It starts with many thousands of known systems and pares the list down by location and range settings.  But if the data isn't in the supplied database, it won't magically find them for you.  You can, however, put the data into your own private database using Sentinel software to create your own favorites list with the stuff that doesn't know about (if you find it elsewhere).

Bob - W1TAB
RR db admin (Massachusetts)

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 6:44 PM harvey morse <harvey@...> wrote:
Ladies and Gentlemen: Your responses have been extremely informative yet nobody has answered my one primary question-

If I purchase all of the available upgrades for the SDS100, and I enter a zip code to monitor it, will the agencies added by the DMR, NXDN and Provoice, IF EXISTENT IN MY AREA, will be received without any further programming on my part when the zip code is scanned?



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