Re: SDS100 Questions.

Joe M.

1. Yes - it can hold more/longer recordings.

2. The max is at least 128GB. I've never actually tried 256GB.

2A. The official spec'ed max is 32GB.

3. Are you using SIMPLE MODE? (not sure what 'name 1' is)

4. I just copy-n-paste into Sentinel.

Joe M.

On 5/7/2020 12:27 PM, richardayisi44@... wrote:

SD card: Would there be an advantage to using a higher capacity card? If
so, what is the maximum you can use?

Screen setup: One thing I would to see is larger font size for user id
name. I have seen the option for name1, etc to accommodate longer names,
but would like for larger font.

Import/Export user id info: Is there a way to import/export user Id/name
from spread sheet or .text file?



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