Re: P25 for Cheap

Michael WA7SKG

There are broadband (30-1200 MHz) amplified multicouplers available on eBay and similar sites. Typically 4-8 outputs with a slight gain. I picked up a 4-port device on eBay for about $20. Connected to a wideband discone, two scanners and two SDR dongles it seems to hear everything I want to hear.

Michael WA7SKG

Rick NK7I wrote on 11/5/19 9:37 PM:

The minimum loss in a splitter (non-amplified) will be 3 dB, which is half the signal (not trivial); which may be enough to lose out on hearing.  Most splitters that you find at your local store are not THAT good, so losses will be higher.  If you MUST, make sure it's been spec'ed and rated for well into the GHz range (satellite systems use these) AND use quality cable.
On the usual frequencies where one would listen to P25, antennas are either cheap or easy to make (then you worry about connector loss, line loss, phase distortion and other challenges).  ;-)
Rick NK7I
On 11/5/2019 6:29 PM, Kevin Elliott wrote:
You should be able to get away with a single antenna and put a splitter on it (since you are not transmitting). There will be a slight insertion loss for it, but in most cases it’s not significant enough to be worth having to have two antennas to deal with.

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