Re: Uniden SDS100 and SDS200

Rick NK7I


Uniden won't program it, but sales shops might for a fee.

All you have to know is the type of service that you want to hear and the zip code you're in, then set a range (in miles) and you'll hear a lot.

And if it plays too much or not enough of the right thing, you'd have to ship it off for weeks and spend still more money.  It's time to learn something new.

You can make a list of the specifics of what you want to hear and remove what you don't.  Using the programming software (which updates and uses a complete database), it's not that hard.  Create a list of what you want, push it into the scanner, listen.

You can run multiple lists at the same time (Hometown Fire, Hometown LE, Local Trains etc.).  If that's still too much, there are ways to quickly add/delete what you hear (without removing the lists).

I have a 'Winter load' list (road dept for plowboys, LE, Fire) then a "Summer Load" (the same plus forestry and a LOT of other fire season stuff) and with a few button pushes, can change them.  To those, I can add other lists (next state over, more counties away) with button pushes.  Start slow, build on your new knowledge.

The group is here to assist you in understanding.

Rick NK7I

On 4/19/2020 7:45 PM, Fred Miller wrote:
If I were to buy one of these scanners, should I have Uniden program it? What do you think of their "Expert Programming Team"?

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