Re: Uniden BCT15X - Cutting out on weak signals!

Joe M.

"checked on a MFJ Analyser" - Checked with "Mighty Fine Junk", huh?

Things to check (although all would affect strong signals too):
1. Close Call
2. Weather Priority
3. Channel Priority

Make sure all of those are disabled.

Make sure the squelch is set for about 2 (maybe 3).

Make sure the mode programmed (FM vs NFM) matches the signal.

It's also possible local signals are interfering with reception.

Joe M.

On 4/18/2020 11:25 AM, robert johnson wrote:
Can anyone help me - I own a Uniden BCT15X
Strong signal are great but the more distance weaker signals cut in and
out - Has anybody else had this issue? Its not the antenna or coax as
it's been checked on a MFJ Analyser - Is there a way of getting rid of
the weak signal cutting out? I bought the scanner from new - This issue
is really annoying - Any ideas will be much appreciated
73 Robert United Kingdom

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