hard scanner to program

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I still have an AOR-1000 
though I could have used a software tool, I programmed by hand manually entering and storing each of the 1,000 frequencies  prograamming the trunked systems was interesting, had to load either 5 or 10 frequencies for each group then lock out the data channel which in some systems changed from time to time...

the analog stuff was easier...   Now the trunked and shared systems are bigger and yo have APCO and type I and type II Motorola, EDACS and other types...


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On Friday, April 17, 2020, 2:17:32 PM MST, rudy m <rlmoya76@...> wrote:

Yeah my friends people on here make it hard to program these things it’s really not this group I’m not too impressed with because they’ve always been to tighten that are closed minded to help people that’s how I feel but I might be wrong they got some good people on here also over the years

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I agree with Rudy M, I used to use an ARC programing tool for the scanner.  Now I just use the ZIP Code/range/ and type of service since I only listen at home to local first responders.  On a trip I use the Zip Code to listen to the first responders wherever I am.  Wally G

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