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David O'Banion

I doubt it. 
There is a Huge dfference between operating a conventional radio using software (as our Uniden scanners do)
and having software that almost IS the radio (SDR). 

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Can bcd436hp be upgraded to  Lesson nexedge what does it cost 

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My 536 is like that too although i just park on my fav channel and or the 536 will do id scan on nxdn and dmr which is nice with out it scanning my other banks. I have yet to try changing the "scanned banks" by pushing the numbers to select different banks for scanning but after reading some of Jims posts it appears very simple and easy.


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I never charge the batteries while they are in the scanner, one should always charge them in an external charger



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Just messing with you. Ive been working in computers and electronics since in my early teens ('70s). Dang I'm getting old.

I just remember using a 2.0A charger when I first bought my 436 and the battery compartment was very hot after a few hours (Why I looked at groups about heating issues). I started using 1.0A charger and it wouldn't get as hot. Just a personal observation. I recharge on a external charger now.

I was never able to find any amperage ratings for the 436, just voltage 5V ±5%.

Thanks for the info, have a good week. Be Safe! 

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