Re: Alkaline Cells – A Comparison To NiMH And NiCds




On 3/1/2020 4:57 PM, Joe M. wrote:
The issue would be three times worse: (3 cells)

NIZn = 4.8V to 5.75V
Uniden = 3.6V to 4.5V

My NiMH cells will usually not exceed 4.1V total.

I would not use NIZn based on that. And only 1500 mAH capacity?
FAR better off using NiMH which will last twice as long.

Joe M.

On 3/1/2020 6:46 PM, Joel Kahn wrote:
The literature says NIZn batteries output is 1.6v to 1.75v, but only has
1500 Mah.

Will this adversely affect the power circuits in a Uniden radio that was
designed for

and how long will 1500Mah last compared to 2700Mah now in the radio?

I only buy my batteries from Thomas Distributing and they do not stock
NIZn, The couple of places that do sell them are in Euros.

They also say my Maha intelligent charger will not work for NIZn?

Joel R Kahn

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