Re: Need P25 Scanner


On Feb 28, 2020, at 12:56, Queen Nanu <news@...> wrote:

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 05:16 PM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
I have a BCT15X scanner in my truck that I love. However, some of the
agencies I listen to have moved to P25 digital. I have a custom console
holding my radios and would ideally like something that will drop right
in without surgery or replacing an expensive faceplate. I was looking at
the BCD996P2. By all the pictures, it looks almost identical to the
BCT15X, however looking at the various advertisements, the dimensions
listed vary from dealer to dealer for both radios.

So, does anybody have both of these radios and can compare dimensions
for me? I honestly find it hard to believe the radios could look so
identical and not be the same size as they look like they use the same
case. It sure would be nice if manufacturers could standardize the sizes
of these things.

As a side note, I use FreeScan to program my BCT15X. Does the same
program work with the BCD996P2? If it does, can I take my file for the
BCT15X and add the P25 stuff I need to the existing information to
program the BCD996P2? That would definitely save me hours of programming.


 I got a new one from Amazon and it's working finr

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