Re: Campare The BCD436HP With The Whistler TRX-1

Matthew Roberts

Since you seem to be in need of a translation:

"Hi! I've been reading some comments regarding Uniden scanners here. Where I live is very remote. I only pick up FB, rail and an odd plane. As for the 800 band, nothing here that I know of. I would like to know what I can pick up. I am a member of RadioReference, also. I have a Uniden 396XT, BCD325P2, and BCD996XT. All work, but I would love to be able to pick up local radio. I live in a small country town in Loddon Malle in Victoria, Australia. Cheers, Cornelius."

Hope that helps.


On 2/26/2020 10:18 AM, Jim Walls wrote:
Someone else wronte:
Hi I been reading som comment s regarding uniden scanners here were I live verry remote I only pick up fb and rail a odd plane as for the the 800 band nothing
here I know of I would like to know what I can pick up I am a member of radio reference also I hav e uniden 396xt and a ubud 325p2and a desk bc996xt al
working but love to be able to pick up local radio I live a in a small country town in the Loddon mallee Victoria cheers Cornelius
Can you kindly make some better use of spelling and punctuation. Both are so bad that it is REALLY hard to follow what you mean. At the very least, go back and read your message before sending it and see if you typed what you intended. One long run on sentence makes it hard to follow.

If you want some help for us, it makes that far easier if we can figure out what you are asking.


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