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 Glad you clarified that PC statement. LOL


On 2/23/2020 5:45 PM, Joe M. wrote:
I understand crazy weeks. Most of mine have been crazy since Thanksgiving.

To clarify this issue, it is an oscillation that will desensitize the receiver. Using an antenna that is more than two feet from the unit gets the antenna far enough away that it will not pick up this oscillation (it's VERY weak).

IT? Don't worry - scanners are coming to you. You need not come to them.
:-) Scanners are more and more PC every model. (Personal Computer, not the other PC)

Joe M.

On 2/23/2020 2:42 PM, (Maggie/Tom O’Connor) wrote:
Hi Joe,

I have some "foil" stuff (it's gold) in the back of my battery cover
that one of you nice folks gave me.. I also did send it in for the
battery repair - but I don't know if they did that other potential fix..

So - you're saying/thinking that an antenna that's a bit away from the
scanner might be better?  I DO have antenna;s like that - I can surely
try that.. it's just that it wouldn't be outside or anything.. I have
two - I'll have to find them - but I'll try it - if you think that could
help.. I totally don't understand all the technical electronics stuff -
at all - but I'm definitely game to try things.  I will say I often wish
I had gone to school for electronics.. It would help me in my IT/Tech
job and just in my life!

Thanks all.. I'll let you know - but I'm going to be away from home,
unfortunately, for a few days - and have a crazy week. I won't forget
though.. you folks are always there for me and I truly appreciate it.

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Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2020 1:10 AM
Subject: Re: [Uniden] SDS100?

The version Radio Shack sold said "800 MHz" on it. They are identical.

I have to wonder if you have the noise issue which some 436s had. Do you
have a mobile antenna you can try on it? Or anything that will get the
antenna more than two feet away from the scanner?

Joe M.

On 2/22/2020 11:55 PM, (Maggie/Tom O’Connor) wrote:
That's a lot of great information Joe.  I really appreciate it.  I
definitely don't think the 436 is worthless, but mine has just tons of
static.  It has great features though - even though I don't make use of
too many.  I really do like the display too.. as well as the ability to
try different antennas.. So speaking of - I think I DO have the
Remtronix 800.. It's not what I've had on it - of late, but I have a
collection of antennas and I've not really figured out what's best - so
I have just switched over to that one!  What I have looks like the
Remtronix - but it says 800 MHz on it - not Remtronix, like what I just
saw online.. I'm going to think positive though - and I super appreciate
the advice and thoughts.  The last thing I want to do it buy another
scanner.. But it is definitely something I listen to a lot..  Instead of
"background music" - I always have my scanners running!  I listen to a
lot of Fire and local towns that are UHF/VHF - hence my desire for
better reception and less static.

Thanks again to everyone here.. I was trying to get the correct name of
my 396 (I think) and one of the first things that came up when  I
clicked on a picture of what it looks like was an article on it by
Paul.. :-(

-----Original Message----- From: Joe M.
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2020 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: [Uniden] SDS100?

No offense taken. Actually what I said was that the receiver on the 436
is a little better. But that is far from saying either is worthless.

As for the benefits, the display is a huge one for me. Not only is it
better for display (easier to read), but you can show so many more
things on it over the 436 and can customize it. The colors really help
make things more clear. I know what color the FL text is, the Systems
are, the Departments are, the Channels are, the RIDs and RID Aliases
are, and what color the supplemental info is. This makes it easier to
read "at a glance" over a display where everything is the same color.

The 100 is a more ergonomic design. Frankly I don't like the walk-away
from AA cells, but I know why that was necessary. AAs would have only
lasted a few hours. The SDR chip is power-hungry. Hopefully they improve
as technology improves. The unit overall is smaller, and so are the
buttons. I often "fat finger" the keys and hit the wrong button on the
100. But it's darn hard to put a large keypad on a unit where it won't
fit. ;->

The SDS is also vastly superior in decoding simulcast systems. That's
why the SDR IQ design was necessary. Many systems are using simulcast
now and traditional receiver designs just don't cut it.

Something else I don't like is the move to the weatherproof antenna
connection. While that is great for the stock antenna, it eliminates
many standard SMA antennas. It does come with a BNC adapter and other
adapters can be purchased, so I just use BNC antennas. Still, it's
something I don't necessarily like design-wise.

BTW, for 800 MHz have you tried the Remtronix 800 MHz antenna? It has a
very long history of being the best 800 MHz antenna for the size (and
it's about the same length as the stock antenna). It also works better
than stock on UHF and almost as well as stock on VHF.

Joe M.

On 2/22/2020 11:05 PM, (Maggie/Tom O’Connor) wrote:
Thanks so much Wayne.. I really might call you!

Joe, no offense but you didn't think the 100 was much better for
reception than the 436.. you said it "has some benefits" - I'm open to
hearing them.

I'm pretty much looking for a hand held though.. Wayne - interesting
that you think the SDS200 is better than the 100 - of course if you have
outside antenna's (which I don't) - I'm sure that makes a huge

I actually have a Home Patrol 1.. I got it for my husband, but he never
uses it.. I should try it.. I got the 436 right when it came out.. and
it was a lot of money but has a lot of neat features.. (after someone
showed me how to program it!!!) - but reception-wise - even for the 800
mhz, it's been disappointing.

I have a 346 - something or other - it's not digital.. I got it just
before one of my local areas went digital (but they have now gone
encrypted). I had it somewhat working, but then I screwed it up
(programming wise - said the IT person!) and I never went back to it..
Given I don't currently need the digital I should maybe dig that out.

But I'm definitely open to ideas..

Thank you all so very much.
- Maggie

-----Original Message----- From: waynegentry
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2020 8:54 PM
Subject: Re: [Uniden] SDS100?

If you are just want vhf, uhf get a Uniden 15X. Great radio for those
bands and a whole lot cheeped, I have 2 of them.
On Feb 22, 2020, at 7:55 PM, waynegentry <waynegentry@...>

Don’t buy the Sds 100 for vhf, uhf!!! Only great on 700 - 800
trunking. I have 1 Sds100 , got 6 buddy’s that have Sds100 and we all
agree, that is all that radio is good for.  My sds200 got it September
29,2019, works GREAT on all bands. If you have any questions you can
call me 937-559-9168, name is Wayne, retired volunteer Fire Captain
and also a ham operator.
On Feb 22, 2020, at 1:36 PM, (Maggie/Tom O’Connor)
<Maggie-o@...> wrote:

Joe (or anyone) - do you think the SDS100 really has good reception,
as a portable radio, better than the 436?  I actually don't need
digital these days - but I've gotten to know enough about the 436 to
have it work for me!! I'm mainly looking for reception in the UHF and
VHF bands.. I think the 800 trunked stuff is good on most scanners..
It's still great on my old 245XLT!

Thanks - Maggie

-----Original Message----- From: Joe M.
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2020 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: [Uniden] Antenna for my minivan

Think about it - would you rather pay $700 or $7000?

I would buy the SDS100 too rather than Motorola.

Joe M.

On 2/21/2020 10:56 PM, KA9QJG wrote:
I have a few  Motorola  friends who works at The Two way radio Shops
use  a 2 in Wide  braid to  attach to the frame to the trunk .  By
the way
they do the programming on the APX Motorola radios  but they all
Uniden SDS-100 for their personal use and   Had the Company pay for
must be nice

Happy Scanning

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