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Bernard Skoch

I do, in fact (I'm a pilot).

Sensitivity has gotten so good in modern scanners and receivers that other than in marginal situations, most any outside mounted vehicle antenna with decent feedline will do well.  In my car I use a 2-meter/440MHz antenna for my scanner and it does very well on all bands.

VHF Air band is tricky.  Hearing airplanes is pretty easy.  It's the ATC ground stations that can be hard to hear.  ATC system antennas are seldom concerned with being heard by terrestrial users, so they aim signals generally upward.  Unless you're line of site from the ground-to-air station hearing can be difficult.


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Very interesting antenna, Bernie.
I was wondering if you monitor airbands with it?

Watervliet NY

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If there is a specific system you want to listen to, it makes sense to look for an antenna tuned to the appropriate band of frequencies.

On the other hand, if you are interested in general scanning (and scanning multiple bands), a multi-band antenna probably makes more sense.  I use this one and like it (though it's kind of clunky looking):


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Can anyone direct me where to get antenna for my minivan?

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