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Mike Chace-Ortiz

Buy Parallels for $79 and install Windows 10. It’ll ask you to activate but all you lose are some personalization features if you don’t. Runs Sentinel fine. 

Some manufacturers are finally figuring out that more of us have a Mac on our desk and building macOS versions of their software: RT Systems, Expert Electronics and others.


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Correction.  Only 400 million windows 10 users.
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The reason is market share..
In the area of desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft Windows is generally above 70% in most markets and at 77% globally, Apple's macOS at around 13%, Google's ChromeOS at about 6% (in the US) and Linux at around 2%. All these figures vary somewhat in different markets, and depending on how they are gathered.
Apple says there are 100 million mac users. And there is over 4000 million windows 10 users alone.
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Does anyone have any thoughts about updating an HP-2 using a MAC? I hate to ask for favors, but I wonder why there hasn’t been an application for MAC users.
Harvey Morse

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