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barbara speir

Hi, kinda off the subject of  bad battery, but I also have an HP 1 and was picking up almost zero. I was advised it would do no good to order the programmed card for HP 1 so  I ordered the HP 2 with a new programmed card and pick up just the areas I am most interested in.  I love listening to my scanner  24/7
No my question, are you picking up good frequencies with your HP 1?  

Thank you
Barbara in Mississippi, 

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, 04:23:35 AM CST, Danny Garris <garristv@...> wrote:

Possibly bad batteries?  Try fresh new rechargeable batteries. SOmetimes when your Scanner sits up unused for a year the rechargeable batteries just got bad.  I've seen this many times!

Danny - WD4CQ

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Subject: [Uniden] Charhing Disabled
Hi to the group,
My HP1 just started displaying "Charging Disabled" after a few minutes of beginning to charge. I have had this unit since it was new. I did lose the original wall wart but ordered a replacement from Uniden site. It is exactly the same unit verified with Uniden name and PS-0039 on the wall wart. I admit that I hadn't used it in over a year due to family things going on. When it asks me if I want to start charging I tap yes. After about 10 minutes it gives me the notification of charging disabled. If I unplug the wall wart I get batteries low please charge.
Any advice???
Thanks in advance

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