Re: Directional VHF Antenna

Bill Edwards

I don't think the Original Poster (OP) will get the results he is seeking by erecting directional antennas on his tall tower.

To my knowledge, the Virginia STARS system is a multi-site trunked system with almost 100 tower sites spread around the state divided into 7 zones plus the state capitol area.  He currently hears the Richmond and Appomattox districts because he must live near the seam between those districts and is within about 20 miles of towers for those two zones.  In other words, his tall tower isn't pulling in signals from 70 miles away; but, rather, about 20 miles.  Look at a map of tower sites to verify this.

It is highly unlikely he will receive signals from any towers in the Culpeper or Salem zones - I'll bet they are too far away.  His best bet for those zones is a computer or smartphone with access to

Bill E.

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