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Bernard Skoch

Chief Thomas,

I agree with Joe.  

Also, do you have a budget in mind for how much you're willing to spend?


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You could do that, but you could also just use those two Yagi antennas
and connect them to two different scanners - one programmed with data
for each direction. The third could continue using your Discone.

This method would yield the lowest loss on the signals in each direction.

Joe M.

On 1/2/2020 2:39 PM, Randy Thomas wrote:
> Hello all,
>      This is my first post but I enjoy reading them all. I have been
> scanning, and CBing since 1970. I would like to change the topic a
> minute to something I have wondered about for years. First, I have (3)
> Pro 197, (1) 2006, And (3) 996P2.  I live in rural Virginia. I mainly
> listen to the Virginia State Police on 151.000 to 160.000 VHF Stars
> System. I have (2)- 996P2 connected to a Discone, 50 feet in the air,
> using LMR 400 and a top of the line inline AMP. My question is and
> please understand I am not an engineer but a complete and total disabled
> veteran. Can I put two VHF directional antennas on this 50 foot pole and
> connect them with a high grade splitter still using the AMP and the LMR
> 400 and be able to pick up a lot better in two directions than just
> using a omni directional. I again live in rural Virginia where the
> nearest town of over 10,000 people is over 15 Miles away so the feedback
> from using two directional antennas should be minimal. If you think this
> might work can you tell me a good directional antenna for VHF? I looked
> to see if I could find where any of this had been a topic of a
> conversation before I sent and couldn't find anything on this topic.
> Might be a stupid question for some of you engineers so please go easy
> on me. Thanks for your answers in advance.
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