Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Jeff Kenyon

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well.  I am in Louden County, Tn until Saturday and had read that the TACN talkgroups in this area are supposed to be encrypted but there is quite a bit of activity in the clear.  Also, on the way down and back I stopped in Detroit and had some time to monitor the MPSCS TRS in Michigan.  I used to live there, and the MPSCS is one of my favorite systems to monitor, and I’ve always wanted to try it with the BCD436HP!

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Love  to Wish all our Members and Their Families  and Friends a Wonderful Thanksgiving,,    We are all Thankful for what We have and Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the ones in our Lives who have left us all to Soon,       


  Pray for Peace and all our Troops around the World Protecting our Freedom






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