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Discone antennas  were  designed By the Military  because of  needing  to transmit on many freqs . Two way radio shops use them  to receive and transmit to test  radios . In ham radio We use them because they  are  broadband   and the SWR Is low . Not much gain but the secret is to get it up high and use  good low loss coax like LMR-400   many are made and if you plan on putting it outside  get the ones that use the stainless steel parts and solid elements ..  Below is a site   you  can read the reviews  of people who have used them . I see someone   said just get a  Tri band ham ant.   That’s ok if you want to use it on ham freqs they are very narrow band with for those freqs a Discone is broadband and better  for a scanner  depending on what you are trying to hear . The higher the freqs  coax loss is a factor I had a 60m ft tower and a  discone on top with  80 ft of small RG-58 Coax  picked up pretty good until I tried to receive  a 800mhz freq 10 miles away it was noisy and only  S-1 on a icom R-7000 Receiver .


I opened up a  paper clip to about 3 inches and put that in the antenna port and it was 30 on the meter  sounded great lesson learned  about coax loss …RG-6 Cable type coax it great to it is 75 ohm but that is ok for a scanner  Tip  do not try and solder  a connector on it will melt the foam and short out use a good adapter like Amphenol .   The best antenna we can use in Scanning is one that is tuned for the freqs  We want to monitor .  


Happy Scanning , I  Started over 60yrs ago using an old tube type regency tunable  radio with a vibrator power supply .. We have come a long way but it’s a Wonderful Hobby   First PD calls I heard on an old floor model shortwave radio that was tuned just above  the Am Broadcast band . New York ,  Chicago  California …


Don KA9QJG   


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