Re: Antenna Recommendation

Joe M.

Your best bet might be a ham antenna that covers 6M/2M/900 MHz. I believe such animals exist (if not, try 6M/2M/440 MHz). Just keep in mind that the more bands an antenna covers, the less efficient it will be on any one of them.

Worst case, use a diplexer and two antennas - one for Low Band and one for the higher frequencies. Just make sure the ports of the diplexer match the bands of the antennas. This actually may be the best performer since the antennas will be more efficient and the diplexer loss should be insignificant.

Joe M.

On 11/22/2019 12:09 AM, Chris Sayles wrote:
Any suggestions on a low band vhf / 800mhz scanner antenna??


On Nov 21, 2019, at 2:42 AM, Michael WA7SKG <> wrote:

´╗┐Tram 1091-BNC Scanner Trunk/Hole Mount Antenna Kit with BNC-Male Connector

Free Ranges: 150mhz-174mhz VHF, 440mhz-490mhz UHF, 800mhz-1, 000MHz
18" Tall black-finish stainless steel Nmo mounting antenna with Gold plunger-type contact pin
Solid brass Nmo mount with gold-plated antenna contact pin & high-frequency fully enclosed, fully shielded, fully weatherized Zinc die-cast housing

I've used a number of these. From Amazon, around $30. It comes with a right angle mount you can use around a hood or trunk lid.

I have also used generic UHF center loaded antennas where I needed VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi, and UHF coverage. But that was years ago. Haven't needed VHF-Lo for some time and it doesn't work that well for 800.


Tim Ferguson wrote on 11/20/19 5:54 PM:
Any suggestions on a mobile antenna for a minivan to use with an SDS100? Just traded the pick up for a Pacifica. Had a high band antenna put on the truck that helped tremendously.

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