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Joe M.

I'm not sure making the case that the public would have found
out about the incompetence sooner is going to be very persuasive.

Joe M.

On 11/12/2019 3:31 AM, ROBERT Reynolds via Groups.Io wrote:

Uniformity its going to talk a police officer to get killed/hurt before
the folly of encryption eds.
We had that happen in Pa.A trooper on duty was assassinated---of course
the State Police are fully encrypted and they couldn't talk to the
locals to search for the killer.PLUS their 800 MHz signals FAILED in the
hilly terrain.
State Pollice are now moving back to VHF but they are still fully encrypted!

here is an email i sent to the hea==head of PSP
Dear Colonel Evanchick:

I am an amateur radio operator, retired, and have an extensive knowledge
of public safety radio systems.. As you know PSP is abandoning the 800
MHz system and building a new system in the VHF range of frequencies.

I would like to make a case that would have PSP drop the encryption
on/* initial dispatches. */ Why am I making that request? I am
convinced if some PSP transmissions "were in the clear" we would not be
in the situation we're in today. An 800 MHz system that didn't work
properly, 800 million dollars in cost overruns and most importantly the
safety of Troopers.. For example, I as one who tunes the public safety
bands would have picked up Troopers frustrations with the 800 MHz system
if encryption wasn't used. That would open the door for me putting
together an investigative report.

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