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Actually, I shouldn't have said that, in those cities, the political leaders are corrupt and have been for a long time and the the police  chief and commissioners are political appointees.  The large majority of the police officers are good, honest upstanding folks.   But yes, in forever corrupt cities, police corruption is more likely to occur. 

On November 11, 2019 7:09:04 PM Don Curtis <don.curtis@...> wrote:

Chicago or Camden, NJ... Or perhaps Washington DC

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That's also why my city's PD has been under federal purview for several years running. They were dirty, covered up for each other and they got caught time after time.

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Supervise what? How can you adequate supervise something if you are not trained in it? Are you a certified police officer? Sounds like delusions of gradnuer to me.

This is why we have Police Commissions, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Colonel, Superintendents, etc. 

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I believe that citizens have the right and the responsibility to supervise
at a certain level.  Fully encrypted police comms are not accessaable,
while most are quite routine and do NOT require a high degree of
In those few special other cases, there are methods of COMSEC
well-known to police and military communications people.  Simply
encryping everything is lazy and can lead to Secret Police Mindset.
Not something most people would favor.
Routine ops need to be in the clear.
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I'm pro encryption for police and EMS communications. Nothing will change that even though it's a hobby and I like to listen. 

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 13:09 Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:
Is that because crime only happens at the
police station and doesn't affect communities?

Do you not care that you will be late to work because
there is an accident blocking your normal route?

Do you not care that you will be ADDING
to the problem (traffic) in the above case?

Are you fine with going to the mall when
there is an active shooter in the area?

If there is a felon loose in your neighborhood,
are you OK letting your kids go out to play?

A FOIA request will not solve any of these cases.
Encryption will not alert you to these cases.
Only clear communications will let you know WHEN you need to know it.

Joe M.

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