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Hi Lloyd,

A normal scanner "base" antenna mounted outside on the roof or pole/mast will do. If the ones you looked at have "magnetic bases" they are meant to stick to a car or truck but you could sit them on a window sill if you cannot do an outside antenna. 

Railroad comms can be hard to hear sometimes as the "dispatcher" may select a transmitter near the train/crews he/she wants to talk to. Same for the trains - they do not have a powerful transmitter and locomotive antennas are very short/small. So sometimes you need to be near the tracks (and trains!) to hear anything. 

I am only 1.5mi from the tracks here and it is rare to hear the train crews. I do hear the local switching loco and dispatcher when he/she wants to talk to a train in this section OK as well as several trackside defect detectors and FRED/EOT devices. I use an all frequency vertical dipole type antenna on about a 16ft mast/pole outside. 

$20 sounds too cheap to me.

You could make a low cost indoor antenna yourself. You can use just about any wire - even a metal coat hanger or house type wiring. Connect about 18in to the center of a coax and the same length to the outside shield of the coax. Make a small loop at the end of the wire connected to the center of the coax. Use that end to hang the antenna from the top inside of the window frame with a hook. Will look like a T on it's side. Run the coax to your scanner. How much can that cost? No shipping/tax/waiting.


Don  KPC6NDB   

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I WOULD LIKE TO  boost the signal strength received, and have seen remote antennas advertised on Amazon for $20 +/-

Should these work OK ...... I believe they have magnetic bases

I listen to the chat on a local railroad , 161.00 to 162.00


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