Re: additional antenna for a BC75XLT

David O'Banion

I use a Tenma 72-6601 or Workman WEPA2 telescopic antenna on my scanners.    
There are many similar items available, but some aren't as sturdy 
(that's a relative term, because no such antenna can tolerate much mechanical stress).    

If your scanner has an SMA connector, get a "low profile" adapter like the Diamond BNCJ-SMAP.    
Don't use one that doesn't screw down onto the body of the radio --- having a broken SMA replaced wouldn't be cheap!    



On Thursday, May 19, 2022, 05:59:19 PM PDT, Lloyd Leonard <lleonard1978@...> wrote:

I WOULD LIKE TO  boost the signal strength received, and have seen remote antennas advertised on Amazon for $20 +/-

Should these work OK ...... I believe they have magnetic bases

I listen to the chat on a local railroad , 161.00 to 162.00


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