Re: BCT15X Sensitivity


This mulicoupler, is it buffered by each having an built in attenuator? If not it could be an input impeadance/loading issue.

Try the discone direct to the radio first, then comeback.


On 10 December 2021, at 13:49, Leslie Polt <ljpolt@...> wrote:

This venerable analog-only model is still being offered new, and I recently purchased NIB from reputable electronics retailer. Primarily for civil/mil airbands. My attic discone feeds the 15X and 3  ICOM receivers (7100, 8500, 8600) through a multicoupler, so all are receiving the same signal. 15 miles from BWI the ICOMs clearly pick up transmissions that the 15X does not hear; even some controllers are breaking squelch with S-5 signals on the ICOMs, the Uniden hears nothing. The same with many aircraft comms; parking all receivers on the same freq. the ICOM misses what the others hear. Close Call is disabled and there is 0 attenuation. Am I overlooking another setting? Using ProScan. Thanks.
Les Polt
Towson, MD.

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