Re: BC796D powers up in mute mode

Tim L

Sentinel doesn't work on a bc796D but i have tried that using both uniden & proscan software

From: <> on behalf of Rick NK7I <Rick.NK7I@...>
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2021 8:24 PM
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Subject: Re: [Uniden] BC796D powers up in mute mode

Turn the scanner on
Press mute to unmute if needed

READ from the scanner into Sentinel OVERWRITING your existing file/s.

Put that into your other scanner and test.  The mute on power up should now be gone.  It is clearly a programming issue.

Good luck,
Rick NK7I

On 11/18/2021 1:58 PM, Tim L wrote:

Hi Don,
I have the original uniden software and proscan software. I have done a factory reset (2,9,Hold Power on) and then tried to upload the program from uniden software and after i turn off the radio and back on it goes back into mute mode. the mute goes off if i hit the mute button. the weird thing is i bought my second 796 this summer and i did not have the mute issue until i started using the software. now it always powers on in mute mode just like my first 796. any other thoughts? 

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