Re: Speaker Cable


Just open it up and install a cigarette plug and a 3.5 mono hack and all will be ok. REMEMBER that volume control is inside unit. 


On Sep 22, 2021, at 12:13 PM, Kurt WA3TOY via <arswa3toy@...> wrote:

I am pretty sure it will work. I have not used one myself. I modified my speaker.

On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 12:52, Dewey
<Dewey3@...> wrote:

Found a NIB (new-in-box) Motorola Amplified speaker (HSN1006A) for $40 that I just couldn’t turn down, it will do well with the 436 & SDS100 when mobile.  I really hate making “permanent” alterations to my things, so rather than cutting off the plug and wiring the speaker for 12v and a 1/8” phone plug, I would much rather get a mating/matching cable that I can alter.  Does anyone know for sure if the Motorola NKN6455A speaker cable connector is a physical match for the molar plug on the HSN1006A’s short cable?  I’m not worried about what wire goes where since I will be altering the much cheaper cable, I just want to make sure that the plug itself is a fit for the HSN1006A’s plug, and that pins for all six wires are present.




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