Re: Pro 96 question

Bill Seward

Eddie, out of curiosity I did a bit of Internet searching. I’m assuming that by “PRO-96”, you mean the old Radio Shack PRO-96. Nice scanner in its day.


As with anything with chips in it, parts are in short supply and that’s aggravated by the age of the unit. Still, there is an option available for repair. G&G Communications in LeRoy, NY will work on a digital scanner for $60 + parts + shipping.


The question is, will it be worth it? An eBay search shows a bunch of hand-held trunking scanners available in or below the repair cost. Caveats about buying electronics on eBay apply. A seller with a lot of sales and a 99.something% plus rating is usually safe enough. There is also the option of buying one at a ham fest or a local flea market. You are hands-on there and the prices are usually pretty low.


Good luck, no matter which direction you choose.



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