Re: Pro 96 question

David O'Banion

The Pro-96 was not made by Uniden; it was made by GRE.    
Neither Radio Shack nor Whistler, the company that bought what was left of GRE some years ago, will service it.   

I have a Pro-95 with the same problems your Pro-96 exhibits.  
If you find someone who can repair it, I want contact information for that person.  

In pactical terms, I believe both of us are TSOL.     


On Monday, September 20, 2021, 07:55:44 PM PDT, Eddie Carroll <kd4bas@...> wrote:

Just a quick question. I have still functioning Pro-96, but I need to get it re-aligned as it has drifted off frequency and doesn't receive as well as it did years ago and I also believe the BNC connector has become loose from the board. Years ago I would attempt the repair, but with my bad eyes and shaky nerves I would not even try.  Do you think Uniden would still service this dinosaur, the cost of such repair, or is it even worth it? A new scanner is WAY out of my range and so far most of my area is still monitorable on the 96.

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