Re: crypto comm

Jeff Kenyon

Many people just assume that when a lot of agencies go digital it is game over when it comes to scanners.  Here in Rochester, NY for instance our police are on conventional UHF P-25 with more consisstent patching to a 700/800 MHz trunked system.  Many people are surprised when I tell them that scanners are available just so long as it isn’t encrypted.  Other people have just given up on a new scanner because of the changes in the way in which they are programmed.  

On Nov 10, 2019, at 4:47 PM, Pat Hines <fastpatone@...> wrote:

As a long time radio op, and Extra licensee on the amateur bands, I strongly disagree.  First, most criminals have no idea how to operate one of the complex scanners available today.  Second, with the amount of money the drug cartels generate, buying crypto gear and cryto-compliant transceivers are well within their budgets.  Heck, some of them are wealthy enough to buy nuclear weapons should they want them.

Basically, the local cop argument against prohibiting encryptetd cop channels is a non-starter.

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