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Teton Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARRA)

Most anything around here they feel needs to be "secret" they get on the phone for. That takes care of the encryption.


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> That's where brains come in. You never plan raids over the air. That
> should be done in the briefing room.
> What you seem to forget is that the NEIGHBORS of those criminals can
> monitor, too, and provide valuable tips. Then the criminals go "bye bye"
> to a place where they cannot monitor. Encryption reduces the chances of
> catching them and that means more crime. Who wants that?
> Again, it's the "we can do everything ourselves" mentality that prevails
> here. Or it might be the "don't make more work for us" mentality in some
> cases. Because prosecutions require a lot of paperwork.
> Joe M.
> On 11/10/2019 1:16 PM, Don Curtis wrote:
> >
> > You all seem to forget... That unencrypted police radio means it is
> > unencrypted for YOU and the criminals in town too.

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