Re: SDS Radios

Wayne Smith


And yes, you'll likely need access to a computer running Windows (Parallels on MacOS--at least prior to the M1 chip--should be OK too), at least for the use of EZ-SCAN (Whistler) and/or Sentinel (Uniden) for non-keyboard (or large scale) programming of the unit.  I've had relatively good experiences with recent versions of WINE over Linux (and also older Uniden software, such as for 396/996 programming, under Windows 10) but most folks on RadioReference aren't keen on that approach.  And I don't use it for firmware updates for either manufacturers just because I don't trust the USB/serial connection at that connection layer (I'm paranoid--I suspect that knowledgeable others have gotten it to work).

Someone else can correct me, but I don't think either the manufacturers or third-parties (e.g., Butel) have released binaries for Linux, *BSD, or MacOS for their scanning programming software.

Wayne, N6LHV

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